Monday, December 20, 2010

Making Snow

When you live in sunny AZ, there are few chances to see any snow.  We decided to make some of our own snowflakes.  Wanna know how?  Here it is:

1st: make a square out of your paper, by folding opposite
corners together, and trimming off the extra.  Save the extra
for make tiny snowflakes.

Fold opposite corner to corner again.


Now start cutting.  You can round off the top of the snowflake 
to make it a circle if you want, but I didn't.  Start cutting nicks, curves
lines, etc.  out of your snowflake.  The most important thing to
remember is to keep connecting points.  If you don't, your snowflake 
won't be sturdy.  There are many cuts in the flake above, but 
there are enough connecting points that it is still

Unfold that baby and see what it looks like.  This is 
my favorite part.  I am always surprised at what awaits
me.  My cute hubby made one that looked like
a transformer, and I made a tiny one that looked
like 4 tiny skulls.  Neither of us did it on purpose...just
the fun that comes from being crazy.

Display those babies, wherever you can.  On windows,
hanging from  your ceiling, etc...
Merry Christmas!


  1. My girls and I just sat and made a BUNCH of these! Ours weren't near as cute as yours but fun just the same. :) And I hadn't made these since grade school so thank you for sharing! It was such a fun activity for us to do before bed time! Hope you have a GREAT Christmas!

  2. Sarah,
    We made snowflakes on the day of our "Grandma's teaparty". Seeing the pics of the ones you made on your patio door inspired me to try a few. It was fun. Although mine didn't look quite as cool as yours. I've missed your weekly posts.