Thursday, November 4, 2010


What inspires you in your art?  Is it nature?  Is it architecture? Is it other artists?  There are so many ways to be inspired.  As I started making sketches for the quilts in my book, my eyes were opened to the world around me.  A motif decorating our local library helped me come up with my bird quilt.  Flowers in nature, inspired charming gardens....the brick pattern, helped set the background for the cocoa cakewalk quilt.    

The unnoticed things in the world are some of the most extraordinarily beautiful things we see. I encourage you to open your eyes, in a way you haven't in the past.  Notice walls, freeways, architecture, the texture of leaves, flowers, colors, the way the leaves swirl in the wind....Anything, and everything can be an inspiration, if you let it.

Be inspired.

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