Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am home.

I had a great time teaching, learning, eating, cleaning, and loving at Red Dirt Retreats.  

It was so fun to work with my cousin, aunts, mom, and new friends.  It was crazy busy and wildly fun to be together with everyone.  I can't believe how much energy some people have.   I am only slightly embarrassed about how much I had to blow my stinkin' nose while I was there (yes, sinusitis joined me on my trip).  Oh well, life is like that.

Home is now my friend, and I have spent my time cleaning, doing untold loads of laundry, hugging, and tucking in..... to tell the truth, I am exhausted.  Happily exhausted.  

Oh....and that picture??? That is the fabric the Fat Quarter Shop sent me....laminated fabric that is needed for all wild and fun families.  I love it!  Too bad I can't iron out those wrinkles....let's just pretend they are not there.


  1. I'm glad you had a great time. You might be able to get the wrinkles out by laying it on the grass, or on the close line or a fence and let the sun heat it up.

  2. I am so sad I missed out! Sounds like it was fun! Here's a tip for you: you totally can iron your laminated fabric. Just iron it on the WRONG side (cotton side) of the fabric using the cool setting. Don't use any steam. Sometimes the edges will be all laminate, so avoid touching those with your iron.