Monday, June 28, 2010

Trunk Shows- For Quilt Shops

What's the deal with trunk shows?

Trunk shows allow you to get 3 quilts to display in your shop.  My trunk show is visiting each shop for roughly 1 month.  It will arrive at the first of the month, and the quilts will stay at the shop until the trunk show needs to be shipped off to the next location.

The only cost to the shop owner is the postage to the next location.

 Quilt samples help boost sales of fabric, notions, and the book.  What's great is that Martingale has a great "no risk" return policy, any books unsold can be returned to Martingale!  Risk free is easy.

This is a great opportunity to teach a class from the book, you will have an example ready to go.

So, email me fast to set up your trunk show.  I have two trunk shows, and they are filling up quick.  Contact me at here.

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