Monday, June 7, 2010

Prepare Quilt Sandwich

Preparing your quilt for quilting is a VERY important step in the process.  You have worked so hard to produce a quilt top to love and cherish, you want to make sure your quilt is properly prepared so you don't have wrinkles and puckers.

Steps to Prepare your Quilt Sandwich

Materials needed:
Masking Tape
Safety Pins
(thinner and longer is best)
Quilting/Gardening gloves (optional)**will save your thumb
Quilt Top
Quilt Back

1. Lay quilt back right side down on flat hard surface.

2. Tape down quilt back in the center of one side.  Next, tape the opposite sides center down.

3.  There are two sides of the quilt back (opposite of each other). Tape each center down.

Clear as MUD?

4.  Now that all the centers are taped down, tape the rest of the sides down.  Starting with one side, place tape about every 5-8",  then tape the opposite side of the quilt back. Then do the same thing to the other two sides.

5.  Lay the batting on top of the quilt back. Smooth out!!!!

6.  Lay the Quilt top on the batting, right side up. Smooth out starting from the center.  Get every bump and wrinkle out.  If you have stubborn wrinkles, pull out your iron and attack!

7.  PIN baby PIN!  Start in the middle, and pin about every 4", smoothing as you go.  Be aware of your quilting pattern, and try to avoid pinning in the spaces you know you will be quilting. 

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  1. Thank you for these instructions! My 9 year old daughter and I are making our first quilt. I was not sure of how to approach this step -- but now I can move forward easily because of your instructions!