Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Confessions of a quilter

A couple years ago, I sat in my SUV lazily listening to NPR.  There was a show about people going through a midlife crisis.  The definition they used for a midlife crisis, was a period of self-doubt, of realizing they will never accomplish what they dreamt they would.

SMACK.  I guess I was in the middle of a midlife crisis.  I never thought I was close to the midlife thing (being in my 20's still...then), but I realized that, indeed I had this issue.  For years I was told I could achieve anything, and I mistakenly thought it meant I would achieve something, anything.  I had achieved very little by the worlds standards....a bachelors degree and a year of working in the auto industry wasn't something to shout from the rooftops.  The realization that I was very average was a hard pill to swallow.

And yet, I had chosen the better part.  I chose family over career, love over money, poopy diapers over any worldly recognition.  I knew and know, that it was the right choice for me.  Yet, there was still a little regret over what might have been.  Maybe I wouldn't have become anything, had I chosen different.  Maybe, I really am average.

Over the course of a week, I mulled that idea over.  I am average.  I am not special.

Then my spirit kicked back.  So, what?  What if I am average, I can still put myself out there?  What if I tried to do something more?    Why limit myself with my own averageness?

I came up with a hair brained idea to make my own quilt patterns.  Just to see if anyone was interested in the work I do.  I did more research, and thought maybe there could be a book.  After a year of designing, shopping, piecing, quilting, and writing....I submitted my ideas to Martingale Publishing.   All that work over the year was invigorating, it gave me energy and excitement.  I felt accomplished just submitting my proposal.

A month later, I got a call from Martingale, saying they wanted to publish my book.  My spirit lifted.  All the effort, all the time, love, and energy I had spent over the years of quilting was about to pay off.

Now, a year later, the book is going to be released in the next couple weeks.  Years of work, loads of love, plenty of sweat, and a little blood went into this venture.  Through it all I realized a few great lessons:

Accomplishing something takes effort and risk.
Average people can do unique things.
 Joy comes in the journey, not in the destination.

I feel incredibly blessed to have learned so much in the past few years.  My one great hope is that new quilters will be born.  Hopefully, someone will learn to quilt using my book, and they will be lifted up by being CREATIVE.   I hope as they (you) create and give quilts to the people they (you) love, the recipients of the quilts will have their hearts filled with the love that was poured into the cotton they hold.

Be creative today!

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  1. 1. I love you guts!
    2. You are far above average, you are extrordinary!
    3. You have more talent in your little finger than I have in my whole body!