Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hang those Quilts

For years I pondered about the best way to display my quilts.  I tested many different methods, including the hanging sleeve so many quilters use and love.  Now, I have found a method I prefer much more, and I thought I might share it with you.  I now use simple curtain rods with clips to display my quilts.  I love this method because it is so easy to get the quilts up and down, and I love the look of the curtain rod as well.

Here's a more modern look, by the much loved Ikea.  You may think to yourself....uhhhhh, did you forget the quilts?  The quilts, are at the publishers, for the moment.  But I long for a quilt or 5 to adorn this wall again.

Curtain rods come in all shapes, sizes, and prices.  Look around if you are financially challenged.  I found great deals at Tuesday Morning, sales at Target, and other close out stores.


  1. One thing I think that's totally cute is an old ladder with quilts hanging on the rungs! I know that you can see the pattern better if it's hanging on the wall BUT if you have several quilts you want to display and are short on wall space this is a good solution.

  2. Oh yeah BTW... thanks for finding those fabrics for me!