Monday, November 2, 2009


Here I am, tending to sick kids and a darling baby (should I say handsome?), and I keep thinking about fabric and quilt designs. I keep thinking about all the different styles there are in quilting. There are muted fabrics, bright fabrics, pastel fabrics, vintage fabrics, two tone fabrics, 70's fabrics, 40's fabrics, etc.....

We all have a certain style. There are those in the quilting world who love muted fabrics, and intricate designs.

quilt by Kim Deihl

Some like bright colors, complex prints, and simple and big blocks.

quilt by Amy Butler

I have tendency to love a lot of different styles. But, if I have to be completely honest, I love the modern fabrics, and I adore simple designs. I tend to gravitate towards simple blocks that let the fabric tell the story, or let the colors come out and play. I guess my love of simplicity goes beyond quilting to all facets of my life. I like to decorate my home simply, cook simply (one pot cooking, that's my style), and dress simply.

There are many who love more complexity. Isn't that great!!!! I love seeing what others come up with. I have seen some fabulous quilts in the world that go the other direction...and they are amazing (just not ME).

So, now I am asking you, what is your style? What kinds of designs do you gravitate towards? Is it the classic quilts? Is it the modern quilts? Do you like curves or straight lines? Do you have a favorite shape, color, etc... in quilting?


  1. I too love modern fabrics, non-traditional. I also love muted fabrics. I love straight lines, but kind of abstract. Simple is better with me. My mother-in-law calls my style boring because it is not traditional. She quilts very traditionally, but I still love receiving her quilts.

    My styles for fashion and interior design differ from quilts. I love finding that balance between trendy and classic for clothing. I love Tuscan and Old World for my home, warm and deep colors.

  2. I love a mix between classic and modern. I like things that have a lot of clean lines. I love browns, blacks, purples, and red's.

  3. I love amy butlers fabrics...they are so spunky and fun...I seriously need to start quilting. Ha.

  4. It is hard to choose. I do like 30's fabric, but have never made a quilt using them. I like traditional patterns but not traditional fabrics. I love bright and busy quilts (my mother hates them). They seem so happy to me. That Amy Butler is a super easy strip pieced design, I just might try it.