Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Wait, wait, wait? Why didn't someone warn me about the holidays? You know, how they are coming up....What? I have had my little Noah's stocking cut out and ready to finish for 2 months now. Hmmmm, still have to do that hand embroidery for the front. Oh, yeah....maybe I should plan some neighbor gifts, and quick since we only have 2 weeks to get it all done. Holly Jolly....I also need to do the Christmas card, and since I have started designing my own cards, I can't just let Costco do it for me (even though costco rocks...seriously, rocks).

I guess this cruising along in survival mode isn't working out so well after all. I feel like I am barely getting the basics done like doing laundry, keeping up with the budget planning, taking care of my kids, and showering. I forgot all about planning for the holidays.

In the spirit of my realization, I thought I would give you my plan of attack. Here it goes.

Neighbor gifts......cookie dough, with a saying,..."everyone needs a little extra dough this Christmas" (or something like it). When? Sometime next week...I should think of packaging too.

Christmas cards....I have already started designing this. Think chocolate, red, and green. Pictures are to be taken bright and early on Friday morning. I have been playing around, I don't think I love it, but it will have to do.

I can do this...I can do this....

Stocking...Thanksgiving? In the down time, maybe my hubby can hold the cutie pie, and I can stitch away. Right?

Shopping/Wrapping: I got the kids done (hip hip hooray), but my hubby, that's another story. My parents? And, wrapping, can I hire that out?

What do you need to do?????


  1. ha ha!! i am SO there! I decided to knit socks for my sisters this year--and dh and kids. One sister is in town this week for the holiday and do i have hers done?? nope! Not even 1 finished!!
    And the cards-I'm with you on that one...my brain went into denial that Halloween was even approaching--I am SO not ready for Christmas.

  2. Hi Speaking of presents I have a friend who really likes to quilt and I am interested in giving her you book.... how do I get a hold of it?

    Tomena (tomena-growinlikeareed.blogspot.com)

  3. I am on top of the neighborhood gifts. I did them two weeks ago. (Thank you Teresa) I have the Pjs cut out but I still need to sew them, finish a new advent calendar quilt and buy and hide a ping pong table? And Why couldn't I make that family picture happen before all these leaves fell? UUGUGH!