Thursday, October 21, 2010


To Retreat:
 to withdraw to a safe or private place.

We all need to retreat at some point.  These past couple months, I have had my share of retreats and it has been so fun.  Preparing for the retreats took some effort....but it was worth it. The first retreat, Red Dirt Retreats, took place in Old La Sal, UT at a beautiful home.  I can't call it a cabin, it was too amazing.  As you can see from the photo above, the deer were happily playing outside while we sewed (notice sewing machine in lower corner of photo...and deer only a few steps away).  It was amazing.

Can you believe it???? Someone is in serious contemplation over my book!

Here's my cousin Krista, master planner, and head chef.  We had the best food ever.  Seriously, ever.  The price of this retreat was nothing compared to the amazing food offered.  

I loved that at Red Dirt Retreats, there was no where to go.  You could get totally immersed in a project, and not worry about a thing.  Every detail was taken care of for you, meals were prepared perfectly, deliciously, and without any effort.  I could work until meal time, then eat, and then get back to work.  If you ever have an opportunity, you should TOTALLY go!!!

Now we enter Zermatt territory.   Hello!!!!! This was amazing.  I have been to many a Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest.  This was, by far, the best.  I loved the accomodations, it was beautiful, and the weather was fantastic.  The fall foliage was heart warming, and the cool weather was such a great break for me.  I needed it in a big way.

My table for the meet and greet with the teachers.  (Funny side note...when they gave me my teacher packet, they kept looking at me funny, then asked if I was really the teacher.  Apparently, I am a little young for quilt teaching).

I was pleased as punch when I saw my quilt made up with American Jane fabrics.   And, check out those kits in the basket below.  I talked to the owner of this cute shop, and I was just so tickled someone actually liked my book.  I directed all book sales to her that week...  She is also an amazing wool felt.  

Those dancing bears brought a smile to my lips everytime I saw them.  (which was a lot)

Here is my class.  I was amazed anyone signed up for this.  Seriously, I am packed and gone usually by this time (2 - 5 p.m. on Saturday).. But these women are awesome.  We worked and sewed and had lots of fun making our own quilts and learning something all the way.  

 Meet my sister Brooke, this is her first year at Quilt Fest, but hopefully not her last. 

Retreats are essential for quilters!  Why?  You get inspired by others, introduced to new methods, and to new ways of thinking.  You get time to sit and work (or talk and eat chocolate...whatever).  It's simply wonderful to be around creative people!

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